Property Management

We are a Houston property management expert; we pride ourselves on the fact that we know what both owners and tenants need in regards to real estate. We offer a full suite of services for landlords and leaseholders to ensure that both get what they are looking for.

For owners, our range of property management services includes:

1 screening potential tenants

2 performing service calls

3 scheduling maintenance

4 handling the collection of rent payments

Our proprietary tenant rental systems allow us to monitor ‘could be’ tenants, prepare the properties accordingly for renters, market properties on the Web, and even handle payments and feedback online. We are not just very experienced in handling rental properties within Houston, but we also maintain a close network with numerous other service vendors that we can contract for reliable maintenance and repair services.

For tenants, we can help them select from among the available properties we manage. We have a fresh batch inventory of ‘Featured Properties’ at any given time that we feel are the best on the market at that time. ‘Could be’ tenants simply have to submit their rental applications on our website, then we can refer them to properties that match their criteria. As previously mentioned, our service allows tenants to conveniently pay their rent online, and we also honor payments made through credit checks, and auto payments to save everyone time.

We take our role as one of the most advanced property management companies in Houston seriously, and our dedication to both our tenants and the property owners is genuine.