December 2022 Owner Newsletter


Tax Time

We will be requesting an updated W9 for all of our owners, which also gives us the ability to email you your 1099 form.  This eliminates the form getting snail mailed, sent to an old address, or lost in the mail.  You will see the form come from us in the next few days to your email.  It’s important to fill out the form with the name on the bank account to whom we pay.  Please be on the lookout for this important form.

Bookings Implementation for Owners

My number one goal at is to make owning real estate property simple for owners – which means providing good communications to our owners and tenants.  One of the areas that we have worked to improve is making sure our owners and tenants do not spend time on hold.  Most issues that we deal with take longer than a couple of minutes to resolve, so we have implemented Bookings.  With Bookings, you simply choose if your issue is maintenance related, or if the issue is leasing and / or accounting related and schedule the time that works for you to have a call & we reserve 15 minutes for the call.  This also allows us to do any necessary research prior to the call. Please use this link to schedule:

If you have a simple issue, the best place to get a quick response is through the Owner Portal.

Decorating Contest for Tenants: 

We are implementing prizes for your tenants to keep up their homes and show pride in where they live.  Each month we will have a yard of the month contest where the tenants can win Amazon gift cards -  $100 for 1st price $50.00 for 2nd and $25.00 for 3rd.  This month, the yard of the month is based on Holliday Decorating.  We will let you know the winners in next month’s newsletter.


PTSD Foundation of America / Camp Hope –

Most don’t know that simply by shopping at, ½% of all purchases will go to your chosen charity.  Please consider setting PTSD foundation of America as your Amazon Smile charity this holiday season and throughout the year, and don’t forget to go to to do your shopping – it doesn’t work if you just go to  On our home page, you can find an instructional video on how to set your charity.

Owner Portal Tips

On the left hand side you can see the bookings link by clicking on the Community Message.

All of the pages of the Owner Portal have a film camera ikon on the top that tell you more about how to use the page.  One common question we get, is why I am still getting alerts about a work order pending my approval.  The answer is that it keeps sending alerts until it either approved or denied by the owner on the work order.  Here is the video on how to get the most out of the Owner Portal Maintenance Tab.

What will be coming in Next Month’s newsletter

  • New Owner Benefits / Protections for our PLUS plan
  • 2023 Rental and Housing Market Outlook