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We recognize the value of your relationship with your clients, and if leasing is something that is not your primary focus, we want to offer to help your clients while recognizing the value you bring and protect your relationship.

Management Plans
your client can choose:

Standard Plan

$ 7900

Monthly Fee (Only paid during Tenant Lease Term)

Premium Plan

$ 10900

Monthly Fee (Only paid during Tenant Lease Term)

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What makes us different?

We are very hands on when leasing your home. We will treat your home as if it was our own! We know it can be nerve wracking letting go of your home to someone else. Rest assured that we care about every single home we manage from start to finish.

  • We come to your home for a viewing before you execute a contract to give cosmetic suggestions to make sure your home is in top rental shape
  • We take care to make sure your home is presented in the best light- we have professional quality photos on every home- at no cost to you!
  • While your home is on the market, you can expect weekly updates on showings and agent feedback to monitor the progress and assess the rental price and actions needed to take to get it leased quickly
  • If your tenant wishes to renew we give you an updated Market Analysis 90 days before their renewal to maximize your rental income

               While no one can guarantee a perfect tenant, we take pride and care in screening every single applicant. Our comprehensive screening process is designed to prevent the increasing number of fraudulent applications that are presenting itself in the rental market that the individual landlords may not be aware of. Our background checks include the following screenings:

  • Criminal history
  • Eviction/late payment history
  • Sex Offender offenses
  • Credit history
  • Previous landlord checks
  • Employment verification

AgentAccompanied Showings

               Your home is only ever shown by licensed agents- prospective tenants are never given any codes to visit a home by themselves. This protects your home against any theft or property damage, and also allows us to put the home on the market and show it while it’s still occupied, and greatly reduces vacancy time between tenants. Our affiliated agents pre-screen applicants before showing them your home to make sure they can qualify to lease it.

Every home gets a cosmetic move in and move out inspection to document before and after conditions, which is used to calculate damages and security deposit return amount. We also do an occupied conditional inspection during the lease term to make sure the condition of the home is being preserved. While we can’t play Mom/Dad and force them to clean their room, we look for cosmetic items to ensure the home is being maintained and we also look out for unauthorized furry occupants. Every occupied inspection is uploaded to your owner’s portal for your review, and any property damage can be charged while the tenant is still in lease. 

-Maintenance Management

               You AND your tenants can sleep well knowing we have 24/7 emergency maintenance support. You can see real time notices of maintenance requests through your owners portal and communicate with our staff about any concerns and get progress updates. Maintenance work orders are handled at no extra service fees to you when you use our licensed and bonded vendors!

We publish your home on HAR and it is also syndicated through over 20 other websites to ensure maximum exposure for your home. Our affiliated agents also promote your home through multiple social media channels to gain additional exposure. Every real estate agent who is a member of the MLS can show the property and are paid a commission to broaden the reach of potential tenants.

Turnover Services

               Don’t lose out on months of rent trying to get the property ready yourself! Our team of vendors will have your home ready for the next tenantto move in in under 3 weeks. Because we often have new tenants lined up before the old one even moves out, our team is ready to have your home looking great again quickly- and at competitive prices! Save yourself the time and stress of having to do it by yourself!

Your tenant can easily pay rent, submit maintenance requests and communicate with our staff through their tenant portal. Through your owner’s portal you can get real-time financial reporting and maintenance requests and can communicate with our staff at any time! We also send out annual property summaries for tax reporting.

Register your client, get paid, and we'll do the work!


If your prefer to discuss our programs first, please call our property marketing group 281-407-3845 or email us: marketing@texasrenters.com

Fine Print will be protected if your client has not already reached out directly or referred to us by another agent and signs up for services within 120 days of the referral date. Does not apply to lease takeovers.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to call or email our marketing department for more information.

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